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Why Pallet Viet ?

Established since 2009, many years of experience in the wooden packaging industry. Convenient geographic location and continuous learning of the staff. Pallet Viet has gained superior advantages to achieve absolute customer satisfaction.

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    Cheap price

    Improving machinery, training skilled and agile personnel are two factors that help Palelt Viet's products always have the best competitive prices on the market.

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    Quick progress

    Ensuring timely progress for each order will help customers be proactive in their work and limit other troubles at work.

    The deadline completion rate of orders at Pallet Viet is always 100% every month.

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    "Cheap price" and "progress" will probably make you decide to buy. But we always understand that good quality and service will make you come back to buy again.

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  • 2009: Established
  • 2015: Model transformation
  • 2017: Investment and expansion
  • 2020: Open more branches
  • 2021: Open pallet hire service
  • 2022: Launching PalletViet-Online
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Transportation in the Supply Chain

Delivering goods to partners does not require pallet retrieval or loading and unloading of goods from pallets after each transfer station.

  1. Optimize storage area
  2. No capital loss to invest in new pallets
  3. Always replaced by Pallet Viet to ensure quality.
  4. Conveniently managed through the PalletViet-Online system.
  5. Reducing manual cargo handling costs
  6. Reduces pallet collection costs
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    Sales Department

  1. 0961 778 192
    Ms. Dang Thi Tue
  2. 0988 513 686
    Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dat