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Established in 2009, Pallet Viet boasts extensive and in-depth experience in the production of wooden pallets and wooden crates. Situated in a favorable geographical location and with a team of leaders and staff committed to continuous learning, We have enough outstanding advantages to bring absolute satisfaction to customers.

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    Geographical Location

    Located on the QL3 - Soc Son - Hanoi route, where it connects with the vast forests of Thai Nguyen and Bac Kan provinces. The primary manufacturing plant's location is ideal, providing convenience for both timber harvesting and transporting finished products to Hanoi and nearby provinces.

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    The information technology industry is an industry that changes very quickly, technology always changes every day, every hour. We realize that in Vietnam today, not only the information technology industry but also any industry is changing very quickly, strongly and professionally.

    In any industry, there is always change and fierce competition. We take pride in advancing on this path of competition. It's a journey where we constantly learn, compete, enhance our capabilities, and strive for achievements.

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    Cheap price

    In recent years, Vietnam has experienced a continuous increase in its average per capita income. This is a sign that society is progressing, and people are gaining more value.

    As society develops, there are many companies in the country that manufacture more modern machinery. Companies that import machinery from abroad faster and cheaper. Over time, we always invest and improve production machinery, update new technology and new machinery to apply to production.

    For personnel, we always maintain the spirit of self-learning for each individual in the business, always organizing mutual learning programs to improve qualifications and professionalism.

    Improved machinery, skilled and agile personnel are the two most important factors that help us make wooden pallets and wooden crates with the best prices on the market.

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    Quick progress

    Ensuring timely progress for each order will help customers be proactive in their work and limit other troubles at work.

    The deadline completion rate of orders at Pallet Viet is always 100% every month.

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    "Cheap price" and "progress" will probably make you decide to buy. But we always understand that good quality and service will make you come back to buy again.

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