5 Principles

1. The Problem is an Opportunity

  • When faced with a problem, whether it's our own, a colleague's, or a customer's, we view it as an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities.
  • You can solve big problems, you have good working ability.

2. Perseverance and Agility

  • Meetings and plans can become ineffective or meaningless without perseverance and agility.
  • Working with perseverance and agility brings the goal closer.

3. Always Find Ways to Reduce Costs

  • Finding ways to reduce the cost of products and optimizing expenses also helps the company identify weaknesses and areas that need improvement. Therefore, constantly seeking cost reduction is also a way of self-improvement, aiding the company in becoming more efficient over time.

4. Never stop learning

  • We believe that when you stop learning, that's when you and your company are moving backward.
  • At Pallet Viet, we self-study, teach each other how to self-study, learn from colleagues, from partners, learn from any source we can learn from.

5. Appreciation

  • Serving customers as well as working with colleagues are experiences and opportunities for each of us.
  • We appreciate and respect you, our colleagues, and our partners for being a part of the journey we are on and leaving your mark.
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